Spiritually yours….questions to the void

I wonder what is our purpose here ? Who are we ? What are we doing? I mean why am I here, in this place called Jaipur? Sometimes every thing seems so pointless. Why are we running ? What will we achieve by getting a better job or a better place? Is it really important to try this hard? Or should we just let go? If we let go, won’t we be like animals  who just exist, eat and reproduce? If evolution is our purpose, and evolution leads to salvation, then there must be many souls who should have achieved salvation since the beginning of the earth. If these souls have achieved salvation and they no longer are in the birth-death cycle, then why isn’t the population decreasing by these many souls? Instead it is increasing. Is there or are there gods? If they are there, then why don’t things really smoothen out in life?

I wonder if these questions have an answer…I wonder if I should just stop racing…I wonder if breathing is the only purpose in life..after all thats what we can really control….I wonder…


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