Let there be light now!

Dear friends from all over the planet,

The time has come to invoke and awaken the force that is within each of us. Today, our world needs each of us- the warriors of light! Yes, we are the people who have the power to change anything we want- even our reality. All we need to do is look within!

From now on, whenever you get time or are sitting idle, just close your eyes and visualize a cloud of bright, white, shining light present on the planet. This light is falling down as rain on this planet and washing away all that is not light. Let it wash away all the pain, all the anxiety, all the disease from this planet. Visualize this shower of white light on you and your loved ones and washing away the epidemic and cleansing our bodies and our world. Every day, at least for five minutes, visualize this shower of white light falling as rain over your people, the city, the state and the planet and healing every one. Visualize you and your loved ones being protected by this light. There is nothing more powerful than this light as this is the light of the supreme power in the universe. Visualize this light protecting and enveloping the entire world and its people. Let everything that is not light be cleansed, purified and transmitted into this white light. Thank this shower of white light and ask it to stay with you and this entire planet. Ask the white light to heal the entire planet.

This visualization will not take much time but it can create unbelievable miracles. Let us all do this for at least 10 minutes in a day- five minutes in the morning after we wake up and five minutes before going to bed.


You are the light. Now be the light and shine!

Please download the video from Youtube and visualize everyday. This visualization is very powerful and if each person in the planet does it, we will be able to change our reality in no time!


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