Dealing With A Smooth Talking Reneger!

I have learnt a new word today. Reneger is a person who does not deliver on their promises. They promise you the world and are experts at wiggling out of their promises. They are adept at NOT keeping their word. But as per my understanding, the difference between a Reneger and a Liar is that a Reneger is a con-artist. Renegers usually make you believe their promises and trust them. You can spot a liar when you see one but you will usually not recognize a reneger unless you’ve been deceived by them again and again.

So, what do you do when you encounter a reneger especially in a professional set up?

  1. Trust your instincts. If the person is too good to be true, then he is probably a reneger.
  2. Such people try to emotionally motivate you and make you believe that you are important to them. However, that is just a trick. Just do your bit and don’t go overboard.
  3. The charm of a reneger makes people go the extra-mile. Avoid going the extra mile unless you are completely sure. Renegers usually take the credit away from you once the work is done and make you feel like a fool!
  4. Some renegers like to play the victim card. They will act as if they are in a lot of problems and will ask you or even convince you to help them out. However, the moment the work is done, they will be their smooth talking selves again. So what does that mean? They were never in a problem. It was all acting!

IF you have been gullible to fall for these age-old mind games, become wiser. Some people are born with this gift of going back on their promises and words and some develop it owing to their circumstances. Whatever the case may be, the age-old doctrine of karma still works, so truthfulness is still the best option even today! Karma does not spare anyone, even the renegers!

Have you ever met a reneger or have been tricked by one? Do share your story in the comments section!


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