Do your genes influence your behavior?



There are many things we learn and there are many things we inherit from our ancestors. Though I am not a supporter of caste system, I do believe factors like family and environment influence an individual’s thinking and behavior. Here is an  interesting conversation between Akhilendra Singh and Kaushal Govil.

‘I am a Rajput,’ said Akhilendra Singh . ‘I don’t like the idea of being such a conniving person. If we have to fight, let us fight face to face.’

‘No, there is no point in confrontation,’ said Kaushal Govil. ‘Right now you cannot do without that person and it is better that you be nice to him. When the time comes, tell him to go.’

‘But that is cheating,’ said Akhilendra. ‘Why should I not tell him anything? I cannot tolerate the guy let alone work with him!’

‘Then ask your cousin to join you?’

‘No, if I do that his family will start saying that we are taking their help.’

‘In business,  you cannot afford to have a very obvious ego. You have to use people.  Treat every interaction like a chess game. Do whatever it takes to keep your business up. Never reveal your true feelings to anyone. That is the real victory. At least, that is what we’ve been taught in our families,’ said Kaushal.

‘I wish life was simple. Why do I have to tolerate some one I cannot stand for a second!’

‘That is the problem with you guys. Even in history, though Rajputs were brave, they had such huge egos that they could never come together and defeat the enemy. Had they thought like us and been united, they would have defeated the enemy in no time. But they preferred to struggle on their own which accomplished nothing except give them a few pages in history,’ said Kaushal.

‘So you think Rajputs will always be this way?’

‘No, many Rajputs today are successful business people  because they have learnt to keep their ego in check. My point is they need to learn to do this because their environment is seldom like this. Family rivalries and animosities still rule. So, this takes effort.’


What do you think? Do you agree with this or do you think differently? Do share your thoughts. 


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