Allergies- Your Body’s Reaction to Your Thoughts?

My friend has been struggling with a cough since the last two months. No, it is not COVID! It is an allergy which seems to be a reaction to something. But then, my friend has never had such allergies in the past. Why now? When I talked to my friend, I found that she has been doing many things which really don’t agree with her internal programming. Her heart keeps telling her to do something and she does something else. Eventually, the conflict has become so big that her very being is in conflict with it self. When I looked up Louise Hay’s ‘You can heal your life’, it said that cough is the desire to bark at the world, to make yourself heard and my friend has not done that.

We think sacrificing for our loved ones or becoming martyrs for their happiness is a good deed. However, slowly and steadily, your body starts revolting against these sacrifices. Why does body protest? As humans or life beings, we are programmed to live to our full potential and joy. When that does not happen, negativity sets in, body starts reacting in different ways. We kill the joy inside us andĀ  we try to get peace for ourselves by these sacrifices we make but our very own cells start waging a war inside us and against us as if to say, ‘Stop! Don’t kill us like this! We are meant to thrive! We will not give up without a fight!

If you’ve had allergies, then think about what is that you really wanted to do and what did you end up doing? Did you have to shut your eyes to a cherished dream? Did you want to say something but ended up not saying it? Did you become deaf to your heart’s calling? What made your body protest?




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