Eureka-We are all hormones!

Off lately, I have been feeling very low in energy. I was a person who was up and about at 4 a.m. in the morning. But, the last few months, I seem to have lost my will to get up and do anything except follow the daily routine. I was not too happy about anything either. Some days back, I got my diabetes checked up (I suffer from Diabetes Type II) and found that my blood sugar had hit an all time high. Further testing revealed that the last three months had been bad for my body in terms of blood sugar and metabolism. It was only then I realized why I had been feeling so rotten about everything in my life. It was all about hormones!

We say will power is everything. Modern-day gurus urge us to practice positive affirmations. recite mantras, meditate. However, most people fall off this bandwagon after a few days because they completely ignore the main elements of this play- the hormones. Our hormones make us work. They make us fall in love or in lust. We feel happy because certain hormones help us to do so. We feel sad and depressed because there is a lack of certain hormones in our body. People with the right kind of hormonal balance tend to react to adversity in a positive way and turn it around to their benefit.

In my case, it was the insulin hormone. Lack of insulin and high blood sugar were causing a riot in my body which in turn was affecting my ability to work, creativity and enthusiasm.

So, the next time, you feel depressed and sad, go check your hormonal levels. After all, we are all run by our hormones.


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