Famous Deaths And Conspiracy Theories But No Truth!

Sushant Singh Rajput, an actor whose last movie was a super hit, dies by suicide.

Sridevi, a successful actor, wife, mother dies by accidental drowning in a bath tub.

Divya Bharti, a much sought after actress, accidentally falls from her sitting room window and dies.

All our lives we, the common folks struggle for creating a name for ourselves, building a decent bank balance and all the comforts of life. These people had everything that the common man dreams of. Police investigated their deaths and termed them as accidents or suicide. However, the fans and family kept shouting foul play.

Look at Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Every second post is about Sushant Singh Rajput. People are making all sorts of claims from it being the doing of ‘Bollywood Mafia’ to a deliberate murder. However, police has reiterated that it is a suicide. Why are there so many people saying such things? Are they too are looking for publicity at the expense of dead man or is there some truth in theories? Even if there is some semblance of truth, one doubts if it will ever be revealed under the weight of influence, power and money?

The question here is that if there is some truth in these theories, does law of karma work the same way for the high and mighty as it does for the middle class? Does it catch them unawares? Or all this is just hogwash?

What do you think?

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