Kashmir’s Story Reminds Me of Bollywood Love Triangles

I have been to Kashmir. It is nothing short of a paradise. Beautiful mountains, flowing rivers, green grasslands and awe-inspiring scenery. Kashmir can be compared to a very beautiful but confused Bollywood heroine who does not know what to do or where to go or is probably afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome like Aliya Bhatt in the movie Highway.

On one side, people of Kashmir seem to be in awe of Pakistan which promises them independence and love. The fact that Kashmiris simply miss out is that Pakistan itself seems to be so torn by hatred and internal strife that it cannot love any one else. Pakistan does not view Kashmir as its own but instead it views it as an instrument to settle a score with India. However, Kashmiris feel that if they support Pakistan they will probably have a better life. I don’t understand their logic here. If you are comparing the progress of India with Pakistan, it will take you seconds to understand who stands where. However, love is blind as they say and the Bollywood heroine is still confused.

Just like a confused heroine is more confused when she finds someone better than her current love, some people in Kashmir have discovered a new love-China. They now believe that their future lies in China. Again, the thoroughly confused people have no idea of China’s intentions. China too has a score to settle with India. And come to think of it, a country which seems to be so controlling that its citizens cannot say anything without its permission, how can that country grant anyone any kind of freedom?

It is strange. India is the only country where you can say anything to anyone and yet walk free. You can write anything or post anything without the fear of anyone. Yet, people don’t value and appreciate the freedom here. They hate people who give them the freedom to pelt stones or do what they want and love those who are nothing but tyrants!

What do you think?

This article was inspired by https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Kashmiris-cheer-as-China-battles-India-in-Himalayas


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