Have these times of Corona turned you into a Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Lockdown can have strange effects on people. Lockdown can also be a revelation. It can reveal the true nature of the person. Sometimes, we live with a person for years before they reveal their true selves to us. Though Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll have been depicted as males, the truth is every one, all men and women have Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll in them.

There is Mr. Hyde in all of us-The worst we can be, the shadow self, the thoughts that catch us unawares in the middle of the night, the ideas that make us close our eyes in horror. The Mr. Hyde talks to us in those dark dreams that we prefer to forget when we wake up. The whispers we refuse to even admit that we’ve heard.

We pretend we don’t like Mr. Hyde. Instead we prefer Dr. Jekyll, the good doctor who is liked by every body. In the light of the day, Dr. Jekyll talks about love, life, healing, forgiveness, well-being and faithfulness. People nod their heads in approval and Dr. Jekyll is pleased that he is a respectable member of the society.

Before Corona, life was this. Couples and relatives staying together were very nice to each other. Their dark thoughts were shoved under jobs, meeting people, social lives and generally going about their business. When they came back home, they talked nicely to their partner, made all the right noises. Mr. Hyde was just a dark form in their dreams.

However, after the lockdown, things changed. In reality, Dr. Jekyll is actually an energy vampire. He is hungry for approval. He needs a lot of people to praise him so that he can feast on all that energy. He needs people to remind him that he is good, he is honest and he is amazing. Meeting different people helps him to meet his energy demand. With the lockdown he could not go out or meet people. He had to stay at home with his own clan who themselves are craving for their daily dose.

The niceties soon started to dry off. Dr. Jekyll’s energy reserves finished and he could no longer keep the appearances. Soon, he gave up and Mr. Hyde stepped out in all his real, dark self. He wanted food and sustenance and he craved energy to help him thrive. Mr. Hyde thrives on conflict, pain, anger, fights and fury. He likes to keep his victims subdued. As I said, we all have a Mr. Hyde in us. So, naturally its a fight between Mr. Hyde in one person and Mr. Hyde of another person.

Any relationship is about people looking after each other, thinking about each other, sacrificing for each other. However, when Dr. Jekyll in us becomes Mr. Hyde because pretending to be good all the time is impossible, then we start demanding unreasonable sacrifices, we start becoming nasty, we start saying hurtful things to each other.

Yes, the lockdown has created a rift in many couples because the frustrated Dr. Jekyll and the delighted Mr. Hyde are feeding on the darkness that is within ourselves. Being good in these times is not easy, when you yourself are facing uncertainty. But then we are told we are also made in the image of God.

Is it possible that we can banish this darkness with our own light of understanding and love that comes from God?

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