Nothing Else but You!

I think in almost every one’s life there comes a time where you are tired of being some one you are not.

All your life you keep wearing masks and disguises just to appear good to people. You want people to like you and hence you bend backwards to accommodate and adjust your lives for them. You give up your dreams and become a robotic version of your self to make others happy.

However, there is a moment when your mind, your heart, your body too gets tired of these pretenses. It is as if your entire being starts revolting the moment you start letting people dictate your life. You get a sickly feeling in your stomach, you feel like shouting at the person you are bending backwards for. There are times you even fall sick at the very thought of doing something that does not agree with your inner programming.

What should you do then? Should you revolt or should you give up? Should you let people dictate your life or should you break free? Should you take the risk of being disliked just for the sake of your inner programming or should you stifle the very thought?

What do you think? Should you be YOU that you really are or the YOU that people around you want?

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