Real Life Vs.Old Mythological Movies

If there is one concept that has lasted for all centuries in its entirety, it is probably the concept of GOD. Every culture from the ancient to the modern times has grown on a culture of a God who can sometimes be benevolent or cruel or judgmental or forgiving. This concept has dominated most of our imagination, our stories and our arts.

The Indian cinema too has its share of movies that have at times shaped the very culture of an era. Take the movie Jai Santoshi Ma for example. When the movie came, it became so popular that people used to leave their shoes outside the cinema hall before going in to watch the movie. It became such an overnight phenomenon that Goddess Santoshi, became the most revered goddess in India. I sometimes wonder at the combined effect of God and cinema on the general public.

A three-hour movie which depicts the struggles of an underdog whether a hero or a heroine. The underlying story is the same almost in all these movies. The protagonist is a believer who is oppressed by the society or the world. There is no one he or she can seek help from. God becomes his or her only solace. Ultimately, the God tests his or her patience and faith through a series of difficult situations. A couple of songs later, the protagonist overcomes these tests with the help of the God or Goddess and lives happily ever after.

However, life seems different from a three hour movie. Situations are not resolved immediately. There are no flashes or lights that change anything in the blink of an eye. There are no songs that make years fly. Yes, there are people who come in your life to help you but there doesn’t seem to be an apparent magic here. And yet, we believe these tales and myths of miracles. We believe them and generations after generations grow up on these stories of courage, patience, faith and determination. And the best part is we still love to watch them!

What do you think?


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