Women Don’t Need Prince Charming These Days!

A friend of mine was getting married. After the ceremony when she was getting ready to leave, she hugged me and asked my parents to find a ‘prince charming’ for me so that I can also have my happily ever after. To say I was askance would be an understatement.

Even today, a woman’s life is measured by the kind of marriage she makes. Women who are not married are generally considered as some what a mutated breed. Every parent dreams of getting their daughter happily married. I wonder why don’t they dream of making their daughter ‘happily independent’?

Yes, the survival of our species is important, which is why people get married and have children. But then, why is a woman only considered successful if she lands a good catch? Why is she not considered successful if she has been able to create a simple life for herself? Why is she not considered successful if she has been able to live her life on her own terms?


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