Modi Sarkar- Am I Missing Something?

Every one I meet praises our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. No, I am not talking about leaders or the aspirants of politics. I am talking about people I interact with on a daily basis. People love Modi and his words. They believe that he is the only one who can transform India.

I agree that there is no competition to Modi’s charisma or charm. No doubt. But I still seem to be missing something. Every body says Modi Sarkar is doing a great job in the country. However, I don’t see jobs and people getting them. Yes, there was some money which was sent to the bank accounts of people but that was it. What else is happening on the job front? Is the government doing enough for those who have lost their jobs in the pandemic? I am not talking about just the laborers but also the middle class office goers who are just told to sit at home by the companies because they could no longer afford them.

It is great to talk about dreams, policies and plans. When the present becomes a bit too much to handle, the future gives us hope. However, what is happening in the present is important too. At a time, where most industries are in doldrums, is the government giving a helping hand or just indulging in the politics of dialogues?

Do share your thoughts!


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