Painful Passion?

I loved writing poems when I was a child. Today, as I was reading my ancient diary, I came across this poem which I had written.

Neither too hot, nor too cold,

Neither too young, nor too old.

Remain in the shallows, don’t dive in deep,

Reign in your passion or you will weep.

It is strange, isn’t it? Sometimes, as children we write or speak words beyond our years and we don’t even understand their true meaning. Today, as I think about it, I realize what having too much passion can do…

Passion is a double edged sword. It can make you create a new world but then it can also cause you to go berserk. The problem with passionate people is that they don’t know where to draw a line and this becomes their undoing.

Passion creates attachment and attachment causes expectations. That is a perfect recipe for pain. Why give in to that?

Does that mean you should not have passion?

No, it does not. You should have passion but you should know where to draw a line. You should know how to detach, let go and say, ‘I have done the best I could!’

The truth is that it is not you who is doing anything. You are just the source of the creation that is to manifest in this world. Passion makes you believe that it is you and detachment makes you understand that it is through you!


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