Doing Things For Fun: That is What You Are Here For!

A man sits in an government office, reading a file. He looks at the time and yawns. Five more minutes. He gets up and puts his things away. It is time to go.

A man is reading a report and smiling. He hears a knock at his door and looks up. A peon comes in and says, ‘Sir, it is time.’. The man looks at the watch and sighs, ‘Oh! it is time already? Time passes so quickly here!’

When I was a little girl, I liked playing with toys. I could sit in the hot sun for hours and make little houses of mud. My friends and I would decorate these houses with flowers, little leaves and plants. I loved reading books by Enid Blyton at the time. I made these houses for little pixies and fairies that I believed would come and live in them.

With time, my attention shifted to books. I loved reading all kinds of books and could get lost in them for hours. Most of what I did was for fun. I enjoyed studying too because I liked exploring ideas, learning about new things and reading the stories in my English books. My first job was in a newspaper. Though it was quite hectic, I enjoyed writing stories, covering events , meeting people. I discovered enjoyed writing because it allowed me to express myself. My father was posted in Kashmir at the time. There were no cell phones at that time. So, whenever my articles were published in the newspaper, it was as if he was reading a letter I had sent.

I wrote my first book ‘Faith-The Mystery of the Missing Girl’ for the same reason. A story suddenly walked into my mind and I had to write it down because I wanted to listen to that story. I enjoyed the writing process.

Why am I talking about all this? Simply because if there is something I have realized in these decades of my existence on this planet it is this that ‘having fun‘ is the very aim of our existence. While doing anything, it is important that you enjoy and have fun with it! People who have fun with their work or project are the ones who ultimately succeed.

How do you know if you are having fun doing something? It is simple! When you have fun doing something, you are so involved in doing it that you lose the track of time. Hours pass by and you don’t notice. You are so immersed in the experience that nothing comes into your mind at that time.

If you are not having fun doing whatever you are doing at the moment, then you should take a step back and think.

If your job sucks, then you should think!

If every minute feels like eternity in your job, then you should think!

Finding fun can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. If you cannot leave your job as of now, start doing something that you enjoy on the side. Start indulging in a hobby or a passion that you’ve abandoned or forgotten.

Remember! You were born to have fun. The thing you enjoy doing the most is the thing that you were born for! Find it before it is too late and life becomes a saga of counting minutes and hours!


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