Marma- Healing Your Self

COVID cases are increasing every day. People are predicting that we will soon reach the peak as far as COVID cases are concerned. The recovery rate according to some websites and sources is 71-75%. Yes, it seems that we are all trying to do our best in this battle against COVID.

But then doesn’t every battle leave its scars? Doesn’t every battle hurt? This battle against COVID has cost us lives, jobs, relationships and so much more. While many have emerged stronger, yet, there are scars, pains and aches that are a gift of every battle we fight in our lives.

But, unlike a real battle, these wounds are unseen. An alert and aware being might notice the slight shaking of the hand or the voice but otherwise those wounds don’t show. Yet, they burrow themselves deep within our psyche and torment us in our dreams, thoughts and confidence.

The other day, I was watching the actor Vidyut Jammwal talking about the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu. He talked about the Marma Chikitsa or the art of healing our own self. He said that the body has divine intelligence and it knows how to heal itself. The only thing it needs from us is love.

This really got me thinking. Isn’t this the case with everything in our lives? We know how to be successful, we know how to do something, we know how to heal relationships…all we need is a bit of love. However, most of us look for that love outside ourselves. We don’t turn to ourselves for that love! You know the irony in this entire story? All our ancient arts, whether Yoga or Kalaripayattu focus on healing from within through love.

How do you express love towards your own self? A million dollar question with a simple answer. Simply by giving yourself time, spending time with yourself and knowing yourself!

So, as this battle draws to a close, hug yourself a little. Talk to yourself and tell yourself what an amazing warrior you’ve been. Spend time with all your wounds and hurts and let the energy of your own love fill them up. You’ve survived. You’ve got a new story to tell. And guess what? You are the hero of this story.


One thought on “Marma- Healing Your Self

  1. Precisely said and penned down exceptionally. Thats what people need to understand. The more time we give to us to heal and love ourselves is the more time we give grow and heal. Now a days i see peolle trying to refrain from talking to there elders like parents or grandparents. Just because they might speak a bit harshly or in an upfront manner. However, we need to understand the fact that the reason they are doing so is because life has taught them how to be open with people in which way and even if they speak harshly that doesn’t give us the right to leave them high and dry. They have sacrificed alot for our and the comfort of our parents the debt of which we cannot pay them back. But the least we can do is givethem a little freedom, a little respect and sit with them under their wisdom tree.


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