Regenerating (Doctor Who)

Image used for representational purposes only

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been a great fan of Doctor Who. My friends and family knew my love for Doctor Who and gifted me story books on my birthday and other occassions.

What is so great about this character? Why do I like this character and the stories around him? Naturally, I like him because he can travel in time and space and visit planets, galaxies and the very end of the universe.

But there is something else I like him for. His ability to regenerate. Everytime, he faces and fights a danger bigger than himself, he is mortally wounded. However, unlike us humans, he does not die. He regenerates into a new doctor with the same memories, new body, new face and mind. His mannerisms change, he becomes a different person with different relationships, companions and even enemoes. Though the makers of this series obviously introduced regeneration to ensure the continuity of the series but if you look at it, regeneration can be seen in a whole new perspective.

All of us have regenerated all our lives. You don’t believe me? Think about it! Have you not changed since the last five or ten years? Have the people around you changed? Have your relationships with them changed? Compare your decade old photograph with a recently taken photograph. You will notice the change.

Why am I talking about this? Yes, we regenerate, we change , so what? My question is simple. If we regenerate or change every few decades why doesn’t our thinking undergo the same transformation? Why do we stick to our old ways, ideologies? Why do we still operate from the same old thinking which was perhaps valid some hundred years ago but is obsolete now? Do you know the answer? If yes, please share in the comments section!

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