Quoems -Original Quotes by Shailaza

#beyourself #dontfollowanyone

It doesn’t matter,

If millions don’t listen to you,

You make your own path,

You stay true

#beyourself #dontfollowanyone

People with following,

Are equipped with the knowing,

That it is the originality that pays,

So, don’t follow anyone,

Don’t waste your days.

#beyourself #dontfollowanyone

No one has it easy,

Nothing comes for free.

Those shining stars,

Also burn and yearn,

Like you and me.

Consent is not in the smile or the laugh,
Consent is a full ‘yes’, never half.
Consent is when you ask a question.
Consent is never an assumption.
So ask in clear, no uncertain words.
And make sure that her answer is being clearly heard.

#consent #dontfollowanyone #beyourself #tinder

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