Appreciation of ourselves

In an earlier post, I had talked about appreciation. Appreciation by people, appreciating people etc. However, there is another form of appreciation that helps women to feel good about themselves physically and mentally. That is appreciating your body. In our society, at large, oversize clothes, loose clothes are a norm. Most people believe that they help protect women, girls from the prying eyes. Media regularly reports instances of some crazy people saying that girls should only step out in a salwar suit , should not wear jean t-shirt etc as it may create ‘problems’ for them.

There are two aspects to this problem:

  1. The society should teach its men to respect women. The mothers should teach their sons to respect women. A lady, once she has a son tends to be so relaxed that she will not even bother about what he does, what company he keeps. On the other hand, if she has a daughter, she tends to hover around like a helicopter keeping a tab on her daughter’s activities. Fathers too tend to take pride in their son’s exploits and brush the complaints aside saying that ‘he is growing up to be a man’. So, it becomes the prerogative of the daughter’s mother to keep her daughter out of the son’s sphere by making her come home early at night, not letting her wear tight clothes etc.
  2. The loose clothes not only impact the self esteem of the girl but also help her to lose interest in her body. She doesn’t care about what she wears. Here the point is not about vulgar clothes etc, here it is about wearing decent clothes that fit, that make one look good. In most women, especially older women the interest in their bodies is directly proportional to kind of clothes they wear.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with me




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