Dreams and the abyss

  • I am standing on solid ground
  • Yes, some pebbles hurt my feet and there are thorns around
  • Blood is dripping from my fingers and sores on my feet abound
  • The ground feeds on my flesh in return for letting me stand
  • The pain is the price i pay for walking on this land
  • Yet all that does not matter as I stare at the dark deep abyss before me
  • The darkness is all that I can see
  • Fear creeps in and whispers ‘Run before it is too late’
  • Faith holds a wobbly stick, ‘wait’
  • ‘Why don’t you explore what the abyss holds
  • ‘May be your dreams are hidden in those dark folds’
  • I stare at the abyss remembering what brought me here in the first place
  • A deep dislike of the mundane rat race
  • I wonder what will it be like to just jump without any safety harness or a line
  • Faith whispers ‘Trust… Believe you will be fine’
  • ‘That darkness shrouds a world where dreams come true’
  • ‘A place where the sky is forever blue
  • Let go of the trepidation and take a leap
  • Or stay and let those thorns prickle you to sleep’

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