The Story of Mr. Greed

Mr. Greed lived with his friend Ms Possessive in the village of Scarcity. Greed’s mother, Selfish lived a street  away from him. Greed kept calling his mother but she never picked up the call or even called back. She knew he wanted her property so she avoided him.

Greed was a collector of almost everything, even rubbish. He had a dog called Envy who did not like anyone and bit anyone who came to meet them.

His house was known for its rotten stench for miles. His girlfriend Possessive did not allow the rubbish truck to come and clean up their place. She hated giving and was scared of her ‘treasures’ being taken away from her. She did not even share her wealth with Greed. Greed’s friends- twin brothers- Obsession and Compulsion too lived with them.

Greed hated his step sister Generosity who was forever helping out people in need. One day Generosity came to his house to meet him. Greed shut her out and refused to meet her. Generosity and her friend Charity waited for hours but Greed did no relent. Possessive asked them to go away and never come back.

Obsession and Compulsion watched Generosity and Charity leave. Despite the fact that they had left and they had seen them go, Obsession and Compulsion checked every corner of the house for any sign of Charity and Generosity.

Soon, people stopped visiting Greed and Possessive. Their house fell into ruins because no one bothered about anything else except their own whims and fancy. Greed’s wealth attracted a gang of robbers who stole Greed’s treasures while he and Possessive were sleeping.

Greed woke up and realized that the robbers had stolen everything. Now that he did not have money, Possessive left him and ran off with Obsession and Compulsion. Generosity and Charity helped Greed to create a new life along with Perseverance.


Mr. Greed

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