Why do we know when people go…

Why do we crave for what is lost?

Why couldn’t we treasure it when it was ours?

Why do we remember people when they are go?

When they are with us, why don’t we know?

Why do we value someone only when we can’t replace them?

Why don’t we muster courage to ask them, love them and face them?

We humans lose so much over an ego trip and a petty fight?

Why don’t we know the difference between the wrong and the right?

Life is a strange school, the test comes before the lesson is taught,

We need to figure out what is right and what is not.

So many things are left unsaid, so much that we want to express and say,

The things we love, the people we treasure, the instances which make us thrive every day..

So just express your love, your gratitude about how people meet your needs and make you feel,

Let them know how their presence has helped you to heal.

For they and you are mere waves of this ocean,

Designed to part ways since nothing lasts forever …

Say what you need to say…for it’s better to be late than never….

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