She has forgotten everything that was good..

We had a small fight…

We had a tiny tiff..

All her fears came to life..

All the good I had done went down in a whiff..

She blamed me for everything that I had done and not done..

She held me responsible for a life of agony devoid of fun…

She did not see her role in the play..

She started bombarding me with accusations everyday.

I apologized for that moment that destroyed it all.

But it seemed she had already built a solid strong wall.

She wanted to make me pay for money was her new God or may be old..

She did not see the birthday gifts I had showered or the heirlooms I had sold

She took the road of the law willing to extract every dime.

I had suddenly become a criminal. Being a man was my crime.

There was nothing to support me, nothing to protect me or hear my plea.

My agony, my pain there was no one to see.

I wonder if that is going to be the future of men in this country..

We are blamed for all that is wrong.

Whereas a woman committing a crime is labelled as strong.

Is this justice or equality in anyway.

More and more men are being tortured everyday….


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