The new-age zombies

We have become zombies you and I,
We are victims of information overload.
Our phones beep every time there is some upload,
We grab the phone to see the news,
Just to discover some one’s nose ring has 50 views.
We then start browsing the Facebook in a mindless swoon,
We forget to admire the setting sun or the rising moon.
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are used to document every cough, every sneeze.
Everything the world must know, our children, our health and our disease.
We don’t eat food, we eat likes for lunch, dinner and breakfast,
I wonder how long will this obsession last.
The barometer of ego keeps fluctuating based on the recent comments,
It’s a pity we cannot make our audience smell our new perfumed scent.
We need validation from strangers for everything we do,
We have to report it whenever we buy something new.
No longer does self esteem matter, no longer do our own achievements matter,
Until we put them up for inspection by serving them on a platter.
Communication is a good thing, but not when your brain starts becoming a parasite,
Just thriving on external stimulus, unable to decide between the wrong and right!
Stop using these as your alter ego to just feed on the comments and the praise,
It is high time we understand this zombiness, this madness, this craze.

Shailaza Singh


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