Why don’t we take risks in life?

Living our life based on one person’s perspective

We all look for suns in our life. Maybe we want to be a planet revolving around that sun. In a sense, we all need some pivotal point around which we create our lives. For a baby or a child, his mother is the pivotal point around which his entire world exists. As we grow up, our pivotal points may change. For some, it is a parent or a relative, for others, a friend or a group of friends become their pivotal point. Then there are people who make their teachers, their jobs, their partner, their spouses as the center of their existence.

Creating a pivotal point is nothing new. It is natural. We all need an anchor in our life. However, the problem arises when our ENTIRE  existence is centered around that pivotal point. There seems to be nothing else in life apart from that. 

Let me give you an example. Let us say you have a parent who is your pivotal point. Every sentence in your life starts with my mother says this or my father says this. Everything you do is governed by your parents’ view point. If you do something wrong, it is not about doing the wrong thing but it is more about what would my father say if he knew I was doing it or what would my mother say if she comes to know about it. Your entire life depends on getting that pat on the back from your mother or father or friend or even your office boss.

This kind of mentality does not let you evolve into a thinking, reasoning individual with a mind of your own. But then, that comfort zone is convenient too, isn’t it?

Then, in the later years of your life, you start blaming that person for your failures and debacles and say that you did not do this because of your father or your mother or even children etc. The thing is it was you who found it convenient to follow their dictates and do anything that requires some kind of extra effort. But, we love to blame because we hate to take responsibilities for our own failures.

Becoming a victim of circumstances or parents or teachers or anyone is the best option since that somehow absolves you of all the responsibilities of setting things right yourself.

The truth is we humans are born to take risks and evolve. Had it not been the case, we wouldn’t have been flying in the air or planning to visit other planets or exploring the oceans. Living life by the parameters of one person isn’t in our DNA and that is what makes us unhappy.

So, next time you start thinking about doing something different (but positive) with your life, instead of questioning what a particular person will say about it, ask yourself what would you say about it after ten years? What you regret the decision or would you be happy?

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The road less taken is possibly not taken because it is not the norm,

When you take the road less taken, people judge you on your ability, shape, size or form.

The inertia of doing the same thing over and over again,

Can lead to stagnancy and a lot of pain.

So quit following some one else’s path and start a new journey to your dream.

You don’t know what you may find, for life is strange and nothing is what it seems.

With Love,

Shailaza Singh



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