Once you are back from hell, visit a doctor for a check-up!

Every one passes through bad phases and struggles in life. With time, these phases pass. However, they leave their traces on our psyche. Sometimes, when those wounds don’t heal, they trouble us for a life time! So, it is a good idea to go for a check up and understand what really happened inside your mind!

Physical hurts and illnesses are common with most of us all the time. There are times we hurt ourselves, we get burns or we have accidents which cause some injury or the other. We fall sick too. Some illnesses and hurts can be healed with over-the-counter medicines while others demand a more in-depth treatment. Then there are some symptoms that just won’t go away until we visit the doctor and he orders investigations etc.
When we are healed from the disease, we still go for a check-up to ensure that everything is okay within our body.
However, we don’t do the same with our mind. When we come out of a divorce or a similarly stressful situation, we don’t analyze our feelings or emotions. We don’t spend time with ourselves to know what went wrong and where.
We don’t learn the lesson that was wrapped up in that event.
As a result, the patterns, the events keep repeating themselves in our lives and each time we find it convenient to become the victim of circumstances rather than becoming the masters of our own destiny.
Next time, you go through a problem, a challenge, use it as an opportunity to understand yourself better. Analyse objectively, what went wrong and where.
To examine our physical hurts, we need a mirror. For mental hurts, we need a psychotherapist who can act as a mental mirror and show us our hurts.
After coming out from a storm of emotions, we at least owe that much to ourselves. Hurts whether mental or physical need to be examined and treated with love and care.
Life is an ocean where we keep riding waves of events in the boat of the mind.
Sometimes, these waves take us to the heights of ecstasy and sometimes to the depths of despair. If you know who you are and what your mind is all about, then visit some one who can act as a mirror for you without any attachment or prejudices or fear.
-Shailaza Singh

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