Why Go That Extra Mile?

Let me make one thing very clear- I am no saint even though I may appear as one to God knows how many people. After all these decades in existence, I can say I have developed a reasonable amount of patience and fortitude which helps me to sit calmly through the turbulent times of my life. Yet, now and then, I lose my cool because of some people who seem to have the sensitivity of a rock.

Now, that we’ve got the facts down, let us get back to the topic- going the extra mile. I like going the extra mile in anything I do. I like challenging myself and making life simpler for people around me. I am not the kind of person who would sit in the corner and turn her back to a problem. For me, problems are challenges to be conquered and doing good work is a habit.

But despite going the extra mile, there are times I feel bad and even awful at times because people then tend to take me for granted. They treat this extra-mile behaviour as a norm and believe that I will do the extra-bit without any kind of appreciation or reward. (Are you surprised? Perhaps you did not read the first paragraph carefully where I have categorically stated that I AM NO SAINT!)

So, it hurts when people tend to ignore you once the work is done. They think they have fooled you into working hard and doing their work and they can safely put you back into your place after their work is done. I have had this experience so many times when people have just made me do their extra bit and then ignored me. Yet, I have not stopped doing my extra bit but as a normal human being I have started ignoring those who don’t appreciate my efforts.

Here is what I have to say to such great personalities

Going that extra mile is my style.

I would gladly do it again and again.

But, not at the cost of going insane.

If you think, you can use and throw whenever you please,

If you think I will do your work with ease.

Buddy, please understand a simple fact,

No matter your style or your finesse or tact,

I am not a fool to fall for your parlour tricks again and again,

So, if you find me being a tad unreceptive, you know who is to blame!


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