The Gas Lighter and Other Blessings…

After the lockdown, my gas lighter had stopped working. Lighting the gas stove using matchsticks is a painful affair for a person like me who is quite used to the lighter. After days of struggling with the matchsticks and getting fingers burnt at times, I finally got a lighter. It was a blessing and I thanked the universe for it. I don’t think I will ever take a gas lighter for granted again.

These days of lockdown have made me realize the importance of all the small and seemingly insignificant things of life…things we don’t even pause to think about- A clean house, cooked food, people who love you and care for you, beautiful skies that change colour every now and then.

It is great to think big and create plans to change the world. But while we do that, we also need to thank the universe for blessing us with people, pets and instances that create love, care and happiness in our lives.

Somethings you may have not realized but make a big difference-

Do you have a window or a balcony or a garden where you can sit and gaze at the world?

Do you have people who keep worrying about you and think of you in almost everything they do?

Do you have some source of income?

Are you able to buy food and daily necessities for your family?

Do you have some one who listens to you at least sometimes?

If your answer to majority of these questions is a yes, then you’ve been blessed by the heavens!

Here is a small story that I had read somewhere in my childhood.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land lived a prince. He loved to collect beautiful things. One night, he dreamt of a very beautiful flower. When the prince woke up, he sent his ministers and soldiers to search for that flower in his kingdom. However, no one could find such a flower. The prince decided to look for the flower himself. He set out on his horse and went to other neighbouring kingdoms. It was the spring season and there were many other flowers in full bloom. The scent of those flowers filled the air. However, the prince did not notice anything. He was only looking for the flower in his dream. Finally, he found the flower he was looking for. His happiness knew no bounds. He got down from his horse and walked up to the flower. He thought, ‘ a flower so beautiful must have a great scent.’ He bent down to smell the flower but to his dismay, the flower had no scent. He remembered his teacher’s words, ‘sometimes, the realization of our dream does not give us the happiness that we are looking for. In that quest, we forget to appreciate the little blessings that the universe has placed in our lives.’

The prince finally understood. He decided to go back to his kingdom and did not forget to appreciate all the sweet smelling, beautiful flowers he saw.

So, don’t just lament about not getting the big things of life. Instead, think of all the blessings that have come your way. Be grateful and smile!


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