Middle Class- The Class that Does Not Matter!

There are people who are poor and then there are people who are rich. The poor need to be looked after because they are poor (of course!). They also need to be looked after because they are the VOTE BANK. They are the people who are the kingmakers. Their votes are counted. Come election time, and they are seduced by the promises of a better tomorrow. They are courted with promises of free money, free food, free clothes and free education. However, those promises are all wrapped up in an amnesia-inducing bottle of alcohol. They are lured by words and as we know words have the power to take your heart or even life away.

Then there is a middle class. If you have read Harry Potter, middle class is like the real life non-existent platform 93/4 . Something which is only visible to a select few. The middle class is the completely forgotten class. A class which is only written about in novels by rich royalty amassing authors as a passing amusement. A class which earns money only to take loans or give tax to the government.

As a middle class person, my greatest pleasure has been saving tax.

The foolish me does not realize that the tax I save on house loan is nothing as compared to the interest I pay on the house loan in the long run.

Yes, the builders and bankers laugh! Foolish middle class for even now when real estate is not even moving in most places, they are being burdened with relentless monthly installments despite their precarious job situation. Will they get their dream house that are paying through their nose for? How can they? The builder and company are seriously impacted!

Oh! breaking news, the builder has vanished with the money or filed bankruptcy! The foolish middle class family spent its entire life’s saving on a house which is still under construction after 10 long years?

Do you what’s the greatest dream of a middle class man or a woman? Besides living in their own house. To find a good job!

And do you know what is the greatest dream of a rich person? To squeeze the middle class for all their money’s worth. To them, middle class is nothing but a money spinning machine, the drone workers who can be belittled at the drop of a hat or made to do overtime with a flick of the finger. What do these foolish middle class people want in return? Oh, nothing! Just a certificate or a commendation card and in some cases some peanuts for the monkeys!

The very rich are born with an etched-in-gold destiny. They are the faces of the market, they are the glitterati on page three and the chief guests in all most all occasions. Why? What have they done to deserve it? They are rich silly! Naturally, they are brainy too!

Today, the middle class is muddling amidst the marshes of Corona. They have no idea how things will end. There are no schemes from the government for this class. No one has even acknowledged the existence of this class, let alone give it some relief from the excessive inflation and job loss.

The suicides of the rich and famous are talked about while the middle class goes quietly into the night!

No one even tweets about it!


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