Fact: What you seek is seeking you!

Soulmates, dream jobs, love, happiness; We humans have been seekers since the beginning of time. We’ve always seeked better lands, better lives for us and our loved ones and we’ve found them. Look at the history of mankind and you will find that man has always found what he was looking for; sometimes even when he was not even aware of his quest.

From early men who were hunters, we became farmers. Hunting was not enough to sustain us after a point in time. We needed grains, fruits and vegetables to sustain us. As we learnt new trades and ways of living, we kept looking for making life better and easier and we invented machines, planes, trains and everything else. When Newton wondered how the world works, he got struck by an apple which revealed the idea of gravity.

When one looks at these seemingly unrelated events throughout history, it seems as if the quest and the seeker are like a jigsaw puzzle that are yearning to meet each other and find their completion. When we seek a teacher, we get a teacher because the teacher is also seeking a student at that point in time.

To put it in the language of physics, perhaps the seeker and the quest exist in the same time plane but with different space coordinates. The energy that connects them, draws them together for that is what they exist for. However, that energy can only be activated or made to work using the power of belief. Maybe this is what people mean when they talk about destiny. But destiny is a choice that we make!

So, the next time you wonder why you’ve gotten an urge to seek something or do something or find something, remember that is what you are here for because what you seek is seeking you!


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