My life…my emotions….and emoticons

I smile with two dots and an open bracket,
With two dots and a downward bracket, I tell the world I am sad.
My life is so full of emojis that I even imagine the emoji when I frown.
There is an emoji I use to show I am feeling down,
I have forgotten what real laughter sounds like or the warmth of a hug real and true,
A real kiss that can drive away all the blues.
As I sit in a well isolated room, away from the prying eyes,
I send an emoji of lol while my lonely heart cries.
Perhaps we will invent an emoji to house all those  smiling but broken hearts,
May be an emoji is the place it all starts…

Perhaps an emoji to depict the stupor that inspired this melancholy piece,

Or maybe an emoji to finally tell me when all this mayhem of the heart will cease….

The ocean seems rich with emoticons of those lonely souls floating in the techno space,

The emotions in their hearts are hardly reflected on their face.

Are you an emoticon or a piece of technological debris floating in this indifferent space?

I wonder what happened to those throbbing, pulsing hearts of the human race?


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