Post COVID-19, most of the world can be found online. When they realised that COVID would impact their physical businesses, sellers who were up in arms against the digital world decided to go online with a website or a blog that was hardly planned or conceptualized. They showcased their wares and the webmasters earned big bucks making websites and blogs which did nothing else except showcase their products along with the price tags. However, the problem has really grown now. The digital world is teeming with websites which are vying for attention of the customers.

The customers have become more distracted and fidgety than ever. Many sales are lost because the customer does not find the website interesting enough. Do you know why? Because the sales person on your website is not engaging enough!

Yes, you heard it right! The sales person on your website is nothing but your content. Just like a sales person has to be well groomed and well informed about everything regarding the products in your shop, the content on your website should be regularly updated and kept relevant to the happenings in the world around you.

The best salesman is the one who captures the customer’s attention not just by talking about the features of the product but also by narrating relevant stories and anecdotes about the product. Content is not something that fills the empty spaces of your website. Instead it is something that educates the customer about your product and gives them an interesting insight. However, not all sellers are able to create a good story around their products and services. I as a story teller can help you with that.

If you want me to help you in content marketing and tell your story to the world, do write to me at I can help you to enhance your online business for sure!


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