An Appeal in Times of Uncertainity

Uncertainty Looms

Dear readers,

Thankyou for being such avid readers of this blog. I have written many posts about COVID and its aftermath . Life has not been easy for most of us. The country has been going through a rough phase where people have list their jobs, source of earnings and are struggling to meet their daily expenses. The icing on the cake is that the people on the top in this country are completely clueless about the plight of the common man. How does one cope with this time? What does one do?

Perhaps, this is what the test is. To do what you have never done before. There are people who have opened their small businesses. They lost their six figure salaries and are now getting back on track with small businesses.

As a single mother, I had always thought of becoming a freelance writer and now I am working as one. I need assignments from people who need my services. I can write books, ad copies, articles, blogs and anything else that can be written. I can help you with creating and redesigning your website too. So, if you need my services, please do let me know. A little help goes a long way! Please do let me know of your views or requirements in the comments section.

Thank you


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