Schools on a Fee Hike or Fee High?

The pandemic might have affected all of us but if there is one institution that is beyond the effects of pandemic or any other calamity – it is the private schools, who are charging parents fees as per their whims and fancy.

It is interesting how institutions have cut down on staff, their profits and all other expenses but if you are in the education business you are above the mere mortals. People may have lost their jobs or businesses but nothing can impact schools. In fact they have become so dictatorial that even if you ask them about the break up of the fees, they stoically maintain their silence. You can shout yourself hoarse and yet nothing will happen. When you talk to the accounts department, you are told that no break up is being provided and the fees may even increase further. Is everything in this country ruled by money?

The Honourable Supreme Court ordered that parents will have to pay 100 percent fee during the pandemic but they should not be coerced or forced and can pay in equal instalments. However, the school turns a blind eye and decides to bombard the parents not only with the remaining fee but also the new increased fee which is way high than what it was in 2020. Are they trying to cover up the losses? Or are they trying to blackmail the parents? Should the parents be made to pay for offline classes when they have opted for online?

No one is listening. Have schools become so big that the parents will have to cut open their bellies to pay the fees regardless of the current circumstances? The government does not listen, the judiciary does not listen…has this country gone deaf or only doles of cash make the noise?

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