Are you waiting for someone?

Are you waiting for someone to live your life?

 Some days ago, I was chatting with a person I had met on the net. The guy was single and was looking for a friend/relationship. He is working in a well-known company in a senior position and he enjoys his work. He told me about how his work keeps him busy every day, sometimes even in the evening or night. When he does get time, he loves to sleep for long hours. Most of his off days are spent in answering work emails and messages because he said that he has to read a lot before he approves anything. When I asked him about what he is looking for in a mate, he said that he is looking for some one who he can call his own, some one he can make time for in his busy schedule. I asked him if he makes time for his own self. His reply was that he was waiting for some one who will help him to do that and kill that silence within him.

I found his answer intriguing and I asked him if he ever did things for fun. He laughed and said that he wasn’t a kid anymore. I asked him if he did little things that gave him happiness; things like buying balloons or just dancing with or without music for no reason or just talk to himself. He was horrified at the idea of talking to himself. ‘People will start considering me mad if I talk to myself!’ he said.

This conversation made me wonder how many of us wait for that perfect day, that next big thing, that special person to start making friends with ourselves and actually living our life? From what I have understood, life is not one long saga but a short story of every day. We keep waiting for the saga to playout and don’t even stop to listen to the story that plays out everyday!

Don’t wait for someone else to introduce you to yourself! Know yourself before you start looking for friends in the world!






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