Don’t Disturb Me!

Do not disturb
Being alone

Don’t disturb me!’

These days I have been hearing this line from all my loved ones. People who I thought were a part of my inner circle, my core. People who I thought were my life…my reason for existing.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not the clingy or moaning types who wants people around her all the time. But I do like to be in touch with my family and friends. I want to call them up to know what’s happening in their lives. I want to know what is happening in my children’s life too. But then in this day and age of technological isolation, where everyone is busy watching movies or chatting on their phones, people seldom want to be so connected.

I know I keep talking about being with yourself, loving yourself but isn’t connecting and caring about people a part of that self love? But then people think otherwise…

I am a single mother. People keep telling me that I should get married or have a boyfriend. Whenever I think about this subject, I wonder if getting married or getting into a relationship will be another case of ‘don’t disturb me’.

In a way, these ‘don’t disturb me’ as a good thing. They are showing me the right path and making me realize the biggest truth- that come what may or no matter how many friends you have, you are in fact…all alone and all on your own.


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