The Gnawing Emptiness Within…

The emptiness within

It gnaws at your insides,

There is nothing but silence within.

There is an empty feeling,

Whether you lose or you win.

The fire within is long gone, not even the embers remain,

You wonder if you are going mad or were always insane.

The passion, the purpose that brought you alive,

Has disappeared into the thin air.

That version of you- ‘the go getter, the achiever’

Is no longer there.

You decide on a plan, the night passes, you forget the plan,

Nothing pleases you; nor money nor love neither your dream man.

The void keeps expanding, like a blackhole threatening to eat you from the inside,

You look at your dreams drifting far away, in between a great chasm, a great divide.

Will you ever be that person, will you ever win the game?

Will things change or will they remain the same?

There is no mate, no friend, no one but you in this dark, vast ocean of despair.

You have called for help for ages, but it seems no one is there.

Will they realize you need them? Do they really care?

Will your God heed your silent, unspoken prayer?

You have no one, in reality you are all alone.

People are busy, when you call on their phone.

Whatsapp, Telegram all messages fail,

When finally the truth of your friends prevails.

You wonder looking at the silent horizon, the deep blue sea.

Will some one rescue you or will you wake up from your sleep?

Will you finally swim to the shore or will you sink deep?

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