Stale Remakes

Remakes and remakes
How many remakes can we the audience  take?
Remakes in every language?
Remake in every dialect?
Of the same story, of the same tale.
Seems like someone putting a new garnish on a  dish that’s gone stale
Its okay to be inspired and create something of your own
Something that is exciting, interesting and homegrown
But making remakes feels like the film industry has lost its original glory,
Rehashing, refrying the same story.
How is it that in a country of billion people, no one can think of anything new?
No innovation, no uniqueness
Everyone seems to be trapped in this remake mess.
A billion dollar industry and no funding for a fresh take?
Everyone seems to be content with frame by frame  remakes!!!
– Shailaza Singh

#innovation #content #film #remakes #bollywood  #bollywoodmovies #bollywoodactor #indianfilmindustry


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