The beginning

This is the beginning of a blog of a single mother in India. I am Sherry and I am a single mother. Lost my husband some five to six years back. However, the word ‘lost’ is really not appropriate but is being used for the lack of a better word. I really didn’t lose him then, I had lost him much before that to alcohol, cigarettes and his mother’s teachings.

In India most women are single women even if they are married because they are expected to take care of the house, husband, kids, job while the husband sits back after a day’s of hard work. It has become such a norm that a working woman will take care of the house, work and kids that if a man does it for a day, its like heaven has opened up. The ads today are many a times about how a man makes breakfast for his wife and she feels on the top of the world. Heck! we do that all the time..why don’t men shout it out from their terraces?

This blog is about the struggles that we single mothers face, as people, as professionals, as parents, as humans. It is about our daily lives where we constantly juggle work and career together. Its about the ‘me’ time that we so desperately crave and feel guilty when we have it. It is about the love that we look for, the soul mate we wish we had but don’t find…it is about how the society in India doesn’t know the word ‘single mother’ and how the government too ignores us…

So dear reader, if you stumble across this blog  and you are or you know some one who is in the same boat, please share…share so that we can make a difference in the world…share anything, your experiences, your crusades, your day……anything

P.S.: Single fathers are also welcome here

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