Will I ever?

Will I ever do all that I think?

Will I ever skate in a rink?

Will I ever learn to play a guitar and sing?

Will I ever meet some one who falls deeply in love with me?

Will I ever visit places I wish to see?

Will I ever write a masterpiece?

Will I ever stay in houses on the trees?

Will I ever have more money than I can ever spend?

Will I ever pioneer a new, path breaking trend?

Am I here to just eat, sleep, work and die?

Will I ever be able to realize my dreams and fly?

Yes, I know what you will say

It is about the thoughts you think everyday

All that I know

Yet I wonder when will the un manifested show

Will the world ever understand?

When will it be my turn to shine in this land?

Or am I to live this way forever alone?

Live unknown, die unknown?


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