The small town job seekers vs the big town companies

Life today is a far cry from what it was some ten years back. Rapid advances in technology and information have completely changed our style of communication and increased our ability and exposure to knowledge. Today physical distances don’t matter because most places around the globe are only a few hours away. However, though all these facts sound amazing, the reality seems to be completely different. I got to know this painful fact from a friend of mine who had applied for a job in a metro after working for some years in a small town. The lady had applied to numerous companies. Her experience matched the company’s requirements, yet most employers completely ignored her.

After a lot of time, one company hr asked her to come for an interview. The job profile was exactly the same, just that the company was bigger. The HR manager told her that they were quite reluctant to hire employees from small towns since they felt that the new hires were unable to adjust to the ‘metro culture’.

This made me wonder. Whether small town or big.. every company has a unique culture and every human takes time to adjust to change. Then why is it that companies only target small town professionals? Why cant every person be treated as a unique case?


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