Ghoohgat… The veil.. Put blinkers on men instead

I visited my village recently. Many men and women came to visit us. The women… the daughter-in-laws.. whether young or old… wore ghooghat… the veil that covers half or the entire face. Interestingly, daughters do not have to cover their faces…

I wonder why do the women have to cover their faces? Do the men cover their faces when they visit the in laws? Do the women cover their faces because of the men? Yes, when you think of the prehistoric times where the societal values were not as firmly entrenched, it would have been a norm for the women to cover their faces lest a man get ideas. However, today in our modern society why do we still have to follow this norm? She has to cover her face, she has to see life through a colored veil, she has to be limited to the four walls just because she is a woman? Why dont we put blinkers on men so that they dont look here and there?

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