All of us are addicted to something or another. Some to the seemingly obvious and known addictions, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, tea, shopping, internet, cellphones, games etc while others to the lesser obvious ones like power, money, fame, politics, attention, etc. Some like me are addicted to work. Most are addicted to comfort zones. These lesser known addictions are tricky because they are hardly detectable except for the obvious signs that these eat into your time, make you dependent and at times make you resort to things that are considered a taboo by the society. The key to getting rid of these addictions is mindfulness and a constant over riding of the ego. Then the constant initial struggle that one goes through. For example if some one wants to get out of the comfort zone addiction after a long time, they’d be dead scared of change because that would mean that they’d have to start using their brains again. Actually, it seems that addiction helps quieten the brain which is constantly trying to think of something new…. What is it??


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