Of other worlds and possibilities

Most of us believe that time travels in a straight line. Actually, if you look at the world, life moves in a straight line, nothing can go backwards or forwards.

However, when I started watching the famous BBC show Doctor Who, my ideas about time changed. Time can move in any direction, in any way, in any manner. Yes, most of us would argue that this is just a story or fiction. However, every story has a basis in fact.

Here are some theories of science that are now a reality.

Titanic- the magnificent ship that sank in its maiden voyage

The book was written in 1898 and the ship sank in 1912. Is it just a coincidence or something?

About travel to the moon

Jules Verne wrote the book in the 18th century. But now, moon travel has become a reality.

Edward Bellamy wrote about people using credit cards in the year 2000 in 1887.

These book and more make me wonder if the time travel in Doctor Who and many other novels can indeed become a reality. Imagine if you could travel in time and space..would you grow old quickly or stay young forever? Where would you go? What would change?

Every one talks about we being alone in the universe. Is it so? Or is some information being deliberately kept hidden from the public. How can creation be so perfect to form different species of animals so accurately? Was Noah’s arc actually a spaceship that delivered these species here?

What do you think? Is time travel possible? Where would you like to go in time and space if given the chance? Do share your thoughts.

Shailaza Singh


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