An Excerpt from Bestseller Faith-The Mystery of the Missing Girl

‘I don’t, but I don’t know what else to do? We have just met this person whom we don’t know and then you decide to get married to him?’

‘Mummy, Amit has known him for an year now. He is a nice guy. At least better than all those people who rejected me just because I am not as fair or slim.’

I remembered the time when Ma forced her to marry Rohan. She had tricked me and locked me out of the room. I pleaded to her as I looked helplessly from the window of my room.

‘Ma please don’t do this. If she doesn’t want to marry him, please don’t force her.’

Ma looked at me, ‘Keep out of this Shirin’

‘I don’t want to get married Dadi. Please leave me alone. I will walk out of the house if you force me.’

‘Walk out? You will not listen to me? Your Dadi? What a disgrace! Okay I think I should leave this world.’

She took out a bottle.

‘Faith, you live your life. I won’t stop you now.’

She opened the bottle. ‘Dadi! cried Faith.’

‘Don’t come close to me Faith. I will drink this.’

‘Dadi please don’t do this.’

‘Will you marry Rohan? Yes or no?’

‘Okay yes! Drop the bottle.’

‘Really yes?’

‘Yes Dadi,’ Faith replied in a broken voice.

Ma closed the lid of the bottle and kept it back in her bag.

‘Remember you have given your word Faith.’

‘Yes Dadi, I will marry Rohan.’

‘That day I had resolved that Faith will not be coerced into anything ever again. But once again, my mother-in-law and husband had won the battle.’

Taken from Faith-The Mystery of the Missing Girl By Shailaza Singh

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