The Death of Gods

Do you know Gods die? Gods are born and they die. We’ve had Gods from the beginning of time, ever since we became humans. We fight over Gods and never understand that Gods die but love does not. Love is the real God.

Even the mightiest of the Gods die,

Oh yes, they do.

It is shocking isn’t it?

After all the hullabaloo!

Ask the ancient Greeks, Romans, Indians, they will tell you,

Each civilization begets a God new.

Then come the misdirected religious bigots that fill people with such rage,

That vanish, crumble and disappear after the end of an age.

Nothing remains forever, yet people fight for momentary righteousness,

Hurting and killing and creating this mad mess.

Only love remains in the end, in this never-ending time and space,

And it is love that creates a new era and a new race.

But as the new race grows, they somehow want their new god to reign supreme,

To suppress and subjugate, the elusive power remains every civilization’s eternal dream.

You think at least now they would have realized looking at the thousands of years of history,

That no one will win in this pointless struggle, it is no mystery.

We want to prove that our God, our way is right and true,

We forget that no one will live eternally, neither me nor you.

Neither my God will survive, nor your God will live for long,

So lets just forget this fight and sing the ever-lasting, eternal love song.


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