The Christmas of Hope

There is nothing more everlasting than hope. There is nothing more fragile than hope. Yet, there is nothing more persistent than hope.

No matter how many disappointments we face, no matter how many challenges defeat us, we still hope to win one day. We hope that one day, we will truly become the heroes that we are. We hope that one day some one will recognize us for our achievements. We hope that one day we will truly be awarded our place under the sun.

It is this hope that makes an artist create a plethora of masterpieces, each better than the other. It is this hope that makes a writer create stories, even when all his stories can see is the inside of a cupboard or a bag. It is the hope of achievement that makes children strive and work hard. It is this hope that helps patients of deadly diseases that keeps them away from the darkness of despair that some day they will defeat their nemesis.

We all have a wellspring of hope inside us which keeps feeding us thoughts of a better tomorrow. Hope is a wonderful thing for it is the foundation of faith. It is the hope that creates the faith and it is the faith of a mustard seed that moves the mountains and creates an entire universe.

So in that hope and faith I wish you a very merry Christmas. May your hope be everlasting and may your faith create the world that you’ve dreamed of. 

– Shailaza Singh, author of Faith- The Mystery of the Missing Girl.


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