Giving In Is So Easy For Most of Us

Giving in is so easy for most of us. Fighting or resisting is tough.

Giving in is so easy. No wonder, most people remain in the wrong relationships, wrong jobs for most of their lives. They don’t want to resist or fight because fighting requires courage, fighting requires consistency, fighting requires giving up your peace of mind.

People don’t want to fight. All they want is to go on mindlessly from one day to another, from one season to another, from one lifetime to another…as if they are sleepwalking until one day some one or some thing wakes them up from their slumber, shakes them up from their lethargy. But then, that some one who wakes these zombies up does not wake them up to fight ‘their’ fight but inspires them to fight his fight. People get fired and spend their lives living and fighting for some one else. Then, in the end they realize (sometimes) that they never lived their life.


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