Can Passion turn into a Profession?

The blockbuster “3 Idiots” has brought about a significant change in our thinking. Thanks to this movie, a lot of people have realized that it’s important to do what you love rather than following the dictates of the society. Parents are no longer forcing their kids to take up clichéd profession like engineering or medicine. Instead, they are quite happy with their kids finding their true passion and carving their own path in the road of life.

So, how do you find your passion? Do you know what you want to do? Moreover, if you know what your passion is, then do you know how to convert it into a profession?

Passion is all about doing things from your heart. So, to find your passion, you need to do some serious soul searching. Passion can be defined as something that you like doing over and over again. It can be anything, from watching television to reading books or even daydreaming. On the other hand, if your profession or business is your passion, then you will love doing it. You will love facing challenges and beating the odds every day. You may work long hours and get tired but deep down you will satisfied and happy about it. When we work at something that we are passionate about, we love trying to find new ways of doing it or growing in it.

Different people discover their passion in different ways. Some discover it by accident, some by intent and for some it’s a spiritual awakening. Ace choreographer and performer, Shiamak Davar reveals that he was guided by his soul guides “Bhavnagris” to take up dancing about 26 years ago. At the time, Shiamak had no idea that his passion would translate into such a successful career for him and millions of dance enthusiasts around the world. For the cultural activist and dancer, Dr. Navina Jafa, finding her passion has been a process of self discovery.

Well known television actor, Mohan Kapoor who has given some spellbinding performances in soaps like “Laagi Tujhse Lagan” and “Kitni Mohabbat Hai” says that acting ‘just happened’ to him. He loved facing the camera and now acting has become his passion. He loves experimenting and exploring new horizons in the field.

Devraj Singh, the owner of the famous restaurant “Mirch Masala” has a different tale to tell. A government employee, Devraj loved cooking Rajasthani dishes for his family and friends. During one of his many parties, his friends advised him to turn his passion into a profession. Devraj liked the idea and soon “Mirch Masala” was born. Today, his restaurant is quite popular in Jaipur.

So, what does it take to turn your passion into a successful career? Actress and singer Manasi Scott believes that it’s about faith. She feels that people who pursue their passion need to constantly believe in a higher power and be optimistic regardless of whatever happens.

Indeed, faith does play an important role in pursuing your passion. The owners of “Moolis”, an Indian restaurant in downtown London can vouch for this. Sameer Singh, chef Raju and Mathew Chandy gave up their secure jobs to run pursue their dream of opening up an Indian restaurant in London. Initially, thanks to the recession, the going was tough. However, the trio kept their faith and thanks to their efforts, today “Moolis” has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city!

However, following your passion is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot effort, persistence and determination. Neeru Raghuvanshi who has been exporting Rajasthani handicrafts for the past 15 years can tell you about it. Her job requires extensive travelling. Being a home maker, she tries to balance her work and her family. Nevertheless, she doesn’t mind the deadlines and challenges, because her business is her passion!

Behavioural trainer, Abhimanyu Rathore agrees. He believes that doing something you love gives you the deepest satisfaction and makes you a happier and a more fulfilled person. He believes that the world today is open to experimentation and you can make a career out of anything, as long as you are good at it!

How to turn your passion into a profession

Here are some steps you can use:

1. Get to know and understand your real self. What is it that lights your fire?

2. Research on how you can turn your passion into a profession or business. Look up people who have been able to do it. Talk to them and find out what it takes.

3. Take one step at a time and slowly inch your way towards your goal.

4. What are the things that limit you? Is it money, training, education or simply fear? Search for ways to tackle these fears. Ask friends to help you.

5. Act! Don’t procrastinate! The time to act is now. Doesn’t let fear of failure bog you down! Like Nike says it “Just Do it”


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