The Wrapping- All That Glitters May Not Have Gold

We all love the flashy and the bling. People are drawn like flies to the glitter and glamour and for most of them it does not matter what is beneath the wrapping. 

As I was watched the children tear open their presents for Christmas, I wondered if the joy of opening these presents would still be the same had the presents been simply wrapped in brown paper?

The joy of tearing open the gift and discovering what is inside has become a momentary joy in today’s world. After a while, the gift becomes inconsequential like the hundreds of gifts that we get every now and then. For most of us, if the gift is not wrapped in shining paper, we feel disappointed while receiving it and may even hesitate to open it.

Whether gifts or human beings, the case is the same. We love the stars that glitter in the sky but fail to notice those lone light houses that stand bravely in the raging storm while the stars are covered in the clouds. Not many ships may come that way but those who do come find their way home thanks to the bright shining light of that lone light house. Yet, the light house stays forgotten while the world gazes in wonder at the stars.

Ships may have been able to chart their courses because of the north star but had it not been for the light houses they would have crashed against the rocks.

We love admiring those famous faces that stay in the news for every little sneeze that they take but we hardly pay attention to those who are quietly making their way in the world, building their life, fighting their challenges and inspiring people around them. Not many people may know them but these people work as light houses for those who come their way. Perhaps if we were to pay more attention to these every day heroes, we would also be able to create something out of our own lives.


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